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Chesworth Farm is called Horsham’s secret paradise: a place where you can walk through natural wildflower meadows; where you can exercise the dog, ride a horse, jog for miles or take a family cycle ride, well away from any roads; where rare skylarks nest and hover and barn owls float past in the dusk. More


  1. Thank you so much and well done for listening to the requests of putting something up to stop people parking in front of the bridleway entrance, however, it is now more of a problem as cars are parking either side and us riders cannot squeeze our horses through (without fear of scratching a car). Can you please put up another post either side that would prevent this problem. I also walk my dog across there but do not block the bridleway. We have few enough places to safely ride when we have horses on/near Kerves Lane so please protect this one. Thanks.


  2. Hi Tania, thanks for your comments, which will be passed on to the countryside wardens as well as the FCF committee. The issues highlighted by horseriders demonstrate that entrances/exits need to be accessed sensibly by all farm users.


  3. Is there any chance that a notice could be put on the board to request that responsible dog owners who scoop the poop do not then leave the colourful bags hanging in the hedges and by gateways.

    Also, the style leading off Muggeridge field on to the hill adjacent to the allotments is really quite dangerous to navigate – particularly for short people such as me – where knotted tree roots amidst sunken earth (or mud) in addition to jumping down from the style has caused a few anxious moments and jarred knees. Is there any chance some filling could be arranged?


    • Thanks Angela. Both these issues have recently been discussed at the Friends’ committee meeting so you are not alone. I will let you know what action we are going to take shortly. Laura


    • Hi Angela, a further update, I understand that the stile off Muggeridge field will have some work on it as part of the Green Gym volunteer works, scheduled for May or June. A poo bag sign can go on our new board which should be arriving soon. Laura


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