Posted by: lhct | July 17, 2012

Wetland project is revealed

Wetland project is revealed Visitors to the farm on the Jubilee weekend have the chance to see an exhibition about new proposals to return the low-lying Riverside field to original wet meadowland.

The project was conceived for broadly two reasons; to address the serious ongoing concern about riverbank erosion, which if left unchecked, would eventually mean the closure of the fields for safety reasons, and to preserve this recently surveyed rare wetland habitat.  This would have many benefits in increased diversity and the attraction of a range of wetland flora and fauna which would be attracted to the site.

FCF has organised the exhibition at Chesworth Farm (by the Parks Depot) on 2 and 3 June from 10.00-12.00, where the public can see what is proposed, discuss it with FCF members and the countryside warden and give their views

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