Posted by: lhct | December 3, 2012

Llamas & horses

As we have already announced, the llamas have returned to the Back Field behind Niron House for the winter months.

Some horse riders have expressed a potential risk as their horses can get ‘spooked’ by the sight of the llamas and so the HDC countryside team is trialling a temporary solution while the llamas are present. This is for the safety of all users of the farm.

The Council has given permission for affected horses to be led along an alternative to the usual bridleway section (along the south edge of Spring Barn). The alternative route runs parallel, on the other side of the hedge. It starts from the multi-gateway at the meeting of Spring Barn, Gravel Pit and Riverside Fields and runs westwards along the top of White Gate Lag to the gateway by the ‘triangle’, back on the usual bridleway.

All horse riders, walkers and dog owners should take particular care along this alternative route. Horse riders especially please note, this is the only exception to following the designated bridleway. Please do not cut across the middle of any of the fields as this is a danger to other users. All bridleways through the farm should always be used with care as they are shared with a high volume of dog walkers, ramblers and cyclists.

Work has also been carried out to improve the hedge and fencing in Back Field to shield views of the llamas from the bridleway along the south edge of Spring Barn field.

If you would like more information regarding Chesworth Farm please contact Steve Delahunt at or telephone Parks & Countryside Services on 01403 215285.

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