Posted by: lhct | February 4, 2013

Green spaces under scrutiny

Horsham District Council has produced a draft Green Space Strategy for 2013-2023 and is seeking your views on the draft recommendations. As Chesworth Farm features in several places, we encourage you to have a look for this reason as well as having an opportunity to comment generally on HDC’s policies regarding all the district’s green spaces if you so wish.

The council writes on its website: “The purpose of this Green Space Strategy is to inform all interested parties of the value of green space and green street scenes and the standards we aspire to in the Horsham District. On an operational level, the strategy provides a focus for the management and continued improvement of green spaces in the Horsham District. The strategy focuses on publicly accessible areas which are owned and maintained by Horsham District Council….

“You will be able to submit your views to Parks and Countryside by email to or in writing to Park House, North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RL.
The closing date for submitting your views will be Tuesday 5th March, 2013. Final amendments will be made following the consultation exercise and it will be presented for adoption at the Cabinet meeting in Spring 2013.”

The 70-page document can be downloaded from the HDC website, or obtained from Park House (in the park itself) by ringing from the unmanned reception. Colour copies cost £3.00, b/w £1.50.

Find the details here:

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