Posted by: lhct | May 25, 2013

Larch felling on Denne Hill

A local walker has sent us these comments this week: “You may already know that the larch trees on the full extent of the north slope of Denne Hill (Denne Hill track to Chesworth/Southwater bridleway) are to be felled because of a fungal disease. The tree fellers from Euroforest have started work this week at the top end of the main driveway (extension of the track at the bottom of Denne Road) just where it exits onto the common at the top.

Logs are being stacked adjacent to the drive and although walkers are allowed to use the footpath across the common you do need to be careful of the large machines that are trundling around. Access to the woods is prohibited while the work is on-going although the ‘ski slope’ footpath is still open at present. “

Information from the Forestry Commission on larch fungus can be found here.


  1. I feel very disappointed about denne hill, why this infection was not noticed earlier I feel there could have been more done about this, because no action was taken to contain the infection they have cut a lot of the woodland as a final resort. A wast of a lovely forest. 😦


    • I can understand your concern. However, the disease has only been detected recently (2011) in European larch trees and currently has no easy control measures to stop the dispersion of the spores from the larches. Hence, on scientific advice, the Forestry commission has had to remove infected trees to stop its further spread. For further details on the disease and its implications please see the following website:

      I believe the trees were planted soon after WWII on what people recall as open heathland with the intention of selling the crop as telegraph poles. I understand that one option is to return it to heathland, the other is to re-plant with broadleaved woodland trees.
      (Tim Thomas, FCF committee)


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