Posted by: lhct | July 25, 2014

Wetland project update

One new and one extended drain
The drain from Back Field and Spring Barn running down the western end of the Riverside project fields has been diverted to provide extra water to the pond. Further excavations will tidy this inlet pipe and much of the sandbags will be obscured. Regrowth will also conceal much of the area around the pipe.

The drain into the middle of White Gate Lag that emerged near to the path has been extended to allow for a wider path and fencing. The extended pipe will also add water from field drains to the wet meadow. This pipework has been adjusted to avoid a patch of brooklime that grows in this ditch with the aim of maintaining damp, rather than wet, conditions for this small blue-flowered plant.

Path foundation
The first, base layer of material has been laid and rolled on the newly created paths; they will now be left to settle before final top-dressing and rolling later on in the project.

Tim Thomas, Monday 21 July 2014

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