Posted by: lhct | August 26, 2014

Bertha no barrier…

As part of the riverside wetland re-establishment project, the Friends identified a need to remove the old chestnut-paling fence alongside the Arun in Riverside Field. The aim was to enhance the area by the clearance of old, broken and mostly fallen, fencing and salvaging the best parts for later use.

The work consisted of cutting away overgrowth from parts of the fencing, removing support posts, selecting the best “salvageable” lengths and storing them back in the farm’s volunteer centre for future use.

FCF organisers Tim Thomas and Mike Ayling were delighted to have the help of over a dozen willing volunteers despite the rain and winds of Hurricane Bertha lashing the country on the morning of Sunday 10 August.

As Tim commented when thanking the volunteer team, “Now the old paling has gone it will not only look better but will allow free movement of wildlife from the field to more areas without hindrance.

“Further, if the wood had continued to rot it would only leave wire which is a hazard – especially when livestock are introduced into the fields. There are two short sections left that are best done slowly and carefully when the weather is dry – and the birds have eaten all the blackberries.”

The committee will keep members informed about future work parties.

With special thanks to Paul, Barry, Roger, Jim, Philip, Graham, Julian, Sue, Diane, Jack, Peter and Martin. Photos: Paul, Sue and Tim

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