Posted by: lhct | November 10, 2014

Wetland project features in local media


November has become a bumper month for the public profile of the farm and its Friends with features in the West Sussex County Times (6 November,) Wetlands project is celebrated and also in the November edition of All About Horsham (AAH), page 36, Wet and Wild – followed by a feature on Catherine Howard’s association with nearby Chesworth House. Click on the titles for the online versions.

fcf county times


  1. I want to congratulate you on your Wetland Project – is’t brilliant – great educational value – I have already seen a heron down there which I had never done before.

    What I can’t understand however, is why oh why you didn’t manage the horrendous mud problem at the Arun Way entrance of the Farm and put a footpath from the gate by the allotments up to the gate and panoramic view of Horsham. It would have saved the grassland in that corner of the Farm and made a much more enjoyable circular route. Instead, once again this year, it will, indeed has already, become a quagmire!!!


    • We are so glad you like the Wetland Project area Jill. We are delighted to see it greening up so quickly and giving farm-users something new which is beautiful to look at and walk through. Details such as some hedging near the hide-screen and some permanent information boards will be worked on through the winter, jointly by the Friends of Chesworth Farm and Horsham District Council.

      Regarding the Arun Way entrance, it is a common misconception that this is part of Chesworth Farm – we wish it was. Muggeridge Field (where the horses are currently grazing) is owned by West Sussex County Council, which is also responsible for the bridleway from Arun Way to Kerves Lane and to Southwater via the farm itself. The triangle of land between the bridleway and Muggeridge Field is in private ownership. Regarding the bridleway you are therefore best addressing your concerns to WSCC (perhaps via their rights of way report page on the WSCC website) along with some pictures. Though we would all agree that over-urbanization should be avoided, perhaps there is an opportunity for some better drainage or something to compensate for run-off from the hill. Thank you for raising the point. Friends of Chesworth Farm


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