Posted by: lhct | January 18, 2015

New ditch alongside wetland

A small but determined work party of FCF members got muddy playing dams and waterfalls and improved the flow of drainage water from Spring barn and Back fields into the  riverside project a few weekends ago. The main task was to create a sump to trap silt before it blocked the pipe under the new path. And second, to repair and support the inlet pipe from the upper fields. Despite torrential rain the determined team completed both jobs and water now flows much quicker and more freely through the pipes, ditches and sumps. Regular visitors will also note that a large “ornamental” rock has been removed from White Gate Lag and now forms part of the support for the drain pipe under the new path.

Working party: Mike Ayling, Jack Lee, Martin Nicholls and Tim Thomas supported by Mike Dancy and Laura Thomas

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