Posted by: lhct | August 17, 2015

The British White cattle are back, help us monitor them in Riverside?

The six British White cattle owned by Horsham District Council are starting unnamed[1]their regular grazing  at Chesworth Farm from Tuesday 18 August onwards, when they will be placed in the Riverside field (no public access). They will stay here for several weeks before moving to other fields on the farm.

For further information or issues arising please contact HDC Parks Services on 01403 215201 or email

Can you help us?
The Friends of Chesworth Farm have a favour to ask while the cattle are in their first home,  the Riverside field: we are hoping to map their use of the field for the benefit of its future management and to do this we would like some help, please.

Would you be willing to help with a mapping project to identify where the bullocks are in the field? This would mean plotting their position on a supplied map when you pass the fields, along with a date and time. With this information we would then build up a detailed record of the cattle’s locations during the day. The more people we get recording, of course, the better the results. The recording would last around two weeks.

If you wish to help, or know more, please contact us here or by email or by phone on 07814 661674 for details.  Thank you


  1. […] Three of the British White cattle have arrived on the Riverside fields, the rest to follow later today. If you would like to help us record their movements while in these fields, please see our previous post. […]


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