Posted by: lhct | December 10, 2015

Fungi follow-up

Fungi enthusiasts of all ages braved wild weather last month to see what Chesworth Farm had to offer in the company of local enthusiast Jonathan Simons. They weren’t disappointed, as they collected more than 20 samples in a couple of hours – some hardly visible to the naked eye, others worthy of a fairy tale.

Fieldwork completed, everyone dried out with hot drinks and cake upstairs in the Volunteer Centre, while Jonathan continued the identification work downstairs.

The harvest yielded specimens with names such as Turkey Tail, Snowy Waxcap and Poison Pie. And some fungi gave a guide to field conservation value as well – the Hairy Earthtongue  for example being a very good indicator of unimproved pasture.

Jonathan’s full report of the morning’s finds can be read here.

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