Posted by: lhct | April 18, 2018

New sacrificial crop areas to benefit wildlife

Update: ploughing completed (Thursday 26 April)  as stage two of this project. The HDC countryside wardens say: “Please approach New Town Nine Acres Field and Wheat Rick Field with caution today as we are ploughing our sacrificial crops sites today. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

More project details: a contractor will flail and then plough borders in New Town Nine Acres and Wheat Rick fields (to the left of the photo below). The fields will be accessed by the contractor via the Kerves Lane main gate.

This task is to use these fields for a sacrificial crop, to encourage wild summer flowers and later seeds for wintering migrant birds.

Wheat Rick on left over fence, with New Town Nine Acres beyond. Photo by Wendy Petersen

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