Posted by: lhct | May 30, 2018

Plenty of finds on May Walk

Our May Walk saw a group take to the enclosed Riverside fields, clutching sunhats, binoculars, magnifiers and ID books, to investigate the wetland’s flowers and insects in more depth.

Highlights close to the River Arun included Bog Stitchwort, flowering Grass Vetchling and Common Vetch. Lots of damselflies – Azure, Common Blue and Large Red and Beautiful Demoiselle. A similar number of dragonflies: Broad-bodied, Four-spotted, Emperor, and probable Hairy Dragonfly (Hairy Hawker). The latter is, if confirmed, a first for the site.

Small Yellow Underwing moths were spotted in the grass – along with an abundance of Common Frogs almost underfoot in the damper areas. A mating pair of Harlequin Ladybirds was hard to miss. After an hour or so beetling away under the sun, the keen naturalists refreshed themselves with the Friends’ afternoon tea in the Volunteer Centre.

With many thanks to Su Reed of Horsham Natural History Society for her tuition on the rarer finds and photography by Dave Verrall and Godfrey Newman.



  1. Thank you Laura – a great report and lovely photos. Jim and Veronica

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    • Glad you enjoyed the day and the report Jim and Veronica! Your support is always welcome as you know.


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