Posted by: lhct | January 21, 2019

The future for Chesworth Farm?

Here is your opportunity to read and comment on the draft Management Plan 2019-2026 for Chesworth Farm. Tip: if you download and save the document, you can search for your favourite topics using the PDF search facility.

The deadline for comments to is 28 February. [The draft Management Plan will also be available on our Resources  page until 28 February.]

As it says on the HDC Chesworth Farm web page: “A new version of the Chesworth Farm Management Plan has now been completed detailing proposals for 2019-2026. If you would like to provide feedback or comment, please email us at It is our intention to adopt the plan as a live working document by the spring of this year so we would be most grateful to receive your comments by 28 February 2019.”

View of the Chesworth wetland by Steve Knight


  1. Thank you



    • You are welcome Pauline. You will also hear the news via a members’ email.


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