Posted by: lhct | February 29, 2020

Say no to Rookwood golf course development

Saturday 29 February is the Local Plan consultation drop-in session in Swan Walk, 10am-4pm.
Here is the first (and currently only) opportunity in Horsham town centre to look at the proposed plans in more detail and at the same time engage with representatives from Horsham District Council before sending in comments.

Top of our list for discussion is the proposal to build on Rookwood golf course. The Friends of Chesworth Farm committee (and we believe the majority of our membership) stand with Friends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve in saying “NO” to this development because of the significant and irreplaceable loss of valuable habitat on its very doorstep. We say “NO” to the extremely detrimental effects of this proposal on the wildlife breeding in, and passing through, the reserve, currently the only Local Nature Reserve (LNR) on the edge of Horsham town.

We say “YES” to keeping all our green spaces which are currently under threat of development, fragmenting our precious green corridors, our network (of which Chesworth Farm is also a part) so essential to healthy living. There must be another way, this is your opportunity to voice it.

Friends of Warnham Local Nature Reserve campaign poster


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