Posted by: lhct | July 2, 2020

Green space surveys need your views

Many of you will appreciate that Chesworth Farm has been positively buzzing with extra visitors taking more local exercise than previously during lockdown. So while you already know the benefits – physical and mental – of Chesworth and of all Horsham’s local green spaces, new visitors have been perhaps discovering them for the first time.

This news update will be relatively brief and concentrate on the theme of protecting our district’s open spaces. First, you most likely have read or seen that there is a short-term “Horsham District Open Spaces” online survey (as background to the HDC draft Local Plan) on what you think of the district’s green spaces. If you haven’t done so yet, please make your voices heard by filling this in, by Monday 6 July. It only takes minutes to complete and here is a link to it.

Next, many local people have banded together to oppose the proposal from Horsham District Council to build on Rookwood Golf Course as an option in the draft Local Plan. Opposition is focused on its proximity to Warnham Local Nature Reserve which will be severely impacted by the plan though the effects would be felt throughout the town . Those who wish to oppose this plan can find out much more from the campaigning group, the Keep Rookwood Green alliance. Here is a link to the group’s website By taking part in their survey, you can record what you value about Rookwood as well as contribute your own ideas on future uses for the site.


Skylarks have nested in Spring Barn and Gravel Pit this summer, helped by a joint FCF/HDC project to give them some protected field-space.

Reference photos: Peter Merchant Poster: Lisa White


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