Posted by: lhct | December 17, 2020

Current cattle location

While the British White cattle are grazing the farm over the winter/spring, we will keep this post pinned to the top. To help visitors we will add notes or change the location map/photo accordingly.

Picture of one of the cattle, taken in March 2021 by Philip Broggio

One of the cattle in March. Picture: Philip Broggio

The cattle are now in Back Field (enclosed, no public access). They are likely to stay there until approximately end of March, depending on ground conditions and so forth. Their next location will be offsite, at another HDC countryside site (most likely Monkmead Wood, West Chiltington). The mini herd of goats, llamas and sheep are now in Tip Field.

When in public access fields, the HDC countryside team say: “Please keep dogs on leads and stick to the footpaths and bridleways wherever possible. Grazing the fields on rotation is an essential part of our meadow habitat management. On a separate note, we have had a number of reports of people feeding and stroking the cattle. Please don’t feed there they are well looked after by the warden team and checked everyday. We strongly advise against stroking the cattle, as cute as they may seem!”

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