Posted by: lhct | November 12, 2021

Discoveries on the Friends’ fungi walk ’21

Every season it is a lucky dip as to what we will see fungi-wise on the farm. Visitors on this year’s fungi walk, led as in past years by local enthusiast Jonathan Simons, recorded nearly 20 species. We had four brand new ones to add to the farm’s running total of 211. These were Yellowing Knight, Angel’s Bonnet, Purplepore Bracket and Fairy Ring Mushrooms. The most dramatic was a hefty Giant Puff Ball. At the other end of the scale were some tiny – and virtually unidentifiable – specimens, mostly found on rotting timber. Plus the distraction of a splendid Sabre Ichneumon Wasp, the longest species of parasitoid wasp in the UK.  

If you would like to see the full list of this year’s November sightings, please find the full report on our Resources page. With thanks to Jonathan Simons, supported by David Verrall and Tim Thomas.

Photographs (clockwise from top left): Deceiver (Samantha Verrall) , Fairy Ring Mushroom, Giant Puff Ball, Sabre Ichneumon Wasp (Samantha Verrall), tiny unidentified species, Angel’s Bonnet, Purplepore Bracket (all remaining photos David Verrall)

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