Posted by: lhct | November 9, 2022

What is new in the Wildlife Garden?

Since work began on a Wildlife Garden on a damp weekend in March, it is proving almost impossible to keep up with its transformation.The initial proposal for a dedicated, educational wildlife haven in the garden next to the Volunteer Centre was presented to the committee in early 2022 by local conservation volunteer Tony Cook.

Since then, the enthusiastic volunteers from the Friends of Chesworth Farm and from Horsham Green Gym have clocked up well over 500 ‘volunteer hours’, creating and tending wildlife-friendly features – and they show no signs of letting up.

It’s proved a a real community effort too, with people kindly donating local native seeds and plants to boost the biodiversity of the area. Their efforts are all available to view by visitors passing by, with plenty of ideas to adapt or copy at home, in a community group or a school. An information board on the Volunteer Centre picks out the current features and will help you navigate your way around, feel free to have a look.

We recommend that you catch up with the latest developments on the Wildlife Garden webpage or email us direct if you are interested in volunteering and are not already on our contact list. There are a range of gardening tasks on offer most months.

With many thanks to the volunteers for their work and their pictures.


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