Wildlife gardening for all

A new wildlife garden is being developed in the previously under-used area adjacent to the Volunteer Centre at Chesworth Farm, to inspire visitors to support wildlife in their gardens.  The initial proposal was presented to the committee in early 2022 by Tony Cook, a conservation volunteer with a passion for wildlife.   

As you know, the population and distribution of UK wildlife is in decline, however gardens of all sizes have the potential to support wildlife by creating habitat, food, water and nectar sources.  The aspirations of the wildlife garden are

  • Public engagement
  • Reconnecting children with nature
  • Provide ideas to attract wildlife
  • Encourage family/educational visits

The garden includes a range of features designed for insects, reptiles and small mammals; these have been created from recycled materials wherever possible.  Wildflowers, fruit trees and pollinator friendly plants have been included too.  The garden is still evolving and we hope to add further features in coming months.  

We encourage you to visit the new wildlife garden to see if you could include some of these features in your garden, allotment or community open space to attract wildlife. Further advice on creating these can be found on the Wildlife Trusts’ website.

A sign by the entrance describes the garden and further signage within the garden is planned.

Thanks are due to volunteers from the Friends of Chesworth Farm and Horsham Green Gym who have transformed the area in just six months.

If you have any questions about the garden, please contact us.

A selection from the pictures recording the first months of development

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