Wildlife Sightings

December 2017

An extra bonus – a roosting Barn Owl – greeted licensed BTO ringer, Stuart Card, when he replaced the old owl box @chesworthfarm. The adult male bird was a healthy winter weight showing the farm habitat provides it with a good diet. Soon sporting a BTO ring, the bird was returned to the new box to continue snoozing before its evening hunt. Pictures of Barn Owl and new owl box by Stuart Card.

November 2017

“Despite gloomy predictions of rain and a fungal famine, the party managed a respectable haul of classic species from the paddock and the short walk to the oaks running down to the River Arun,” said our fungi leader Jonathan Simons after the Friends’ annual educational fungi foray.

That “respectable haul” included fungi with the evocative names of Sulphur Tuft, The Deceiver, Sordid Blewitt and many more. See Jonathan’s checklist for the full and fascinating inventory.

Photographs by Julian Thompson and committee members

12 August, new from Dave Verrall, celebrating late summer


Sightings by Mike Ayling

Corn Marigold, a confirmed new species for Chesworth

6 August:  A one hour walk 7.20-8.20am noted 24 bird species. BirdTrack 6 August 2017 Best was a Kingfisher flying straight along Riverside Field. Also found some Corn Marigold* (above) in Wheat Rick which I can not remember seeing before.” * This is since confirmed as a new species for the farm.  Mammals seen were Rabbit, Squirrel and Fox. Also dog walkers 14, walkers 1, runners 1.

Sightings July by Mike Ayling
BirdTrack 1 July 2017  BirdTrack 8 July 2017  BirdTrack 15 July 2017

Sightings June by Mike Ayling
BirdTrack 18 June 2017  BirdTrack 24 June 2017

Sightings May by Mike Ayling
BirdTrack 6 May 2017  Bird Track 14 May 2017  BirdTrack 20 May 2017  BirdTrack 27 May 2017

Sightings April by Mike Ayling
29 April: a one hour walk today 7.20-8.20am noted 28 species BirdTrack which warms us up nicely for the Friends’ evening bird chorus event in early May. Most notable was the pair of Mandarin Duck in suitable breeding habitat (below) – sorry taken through trees and a Reed Warbler (first recorded by David Tombling last Sunday) on Plat pond. No Skylarks today and still no Yellowhammer for me this year.


Mandarin duck April 2017

22 April: a one hour walk today 7.15am-8.15am gave 28 species of birds BirdTrack with two Whitethroat being a first of the year for me at Chesworth. A Swallow was also around the VC and two Skylarks were seen at height over the farm (Riverside and Gravel Pit). Most surprising for me was a group of 42 Starlings flying and settling in Jenny Bare legs – not often seen by me on the farm. Some great work around the gateway to Tip fields (see picture).

15 April: a one hour walk today 7-8am gave 24 species. See BirdTrack for full list. As each week goes by another migrant takes over as the predominant singer – this week its the turn of the Blackcap, with seven singing males. Also my first Willow Warbler of the year on the farm.


Below: this unusual black (melanistic) slow worm was spotted @chesworthfarm in March by the SWT Nature Tots team.

Melanistic slow worm


Sightings 25 March

Sightings 19 March
A one hour walk today 7.25-8.25am gave 26 species of bird on BirdTrack including 6 Chiffchaff and 3 Bulfinch (see picture). Song Thrush are still just about singing (see picture). Also dog walkers 16, runners 2, cyclists 1, walkers 2. Mike Ayling 

Sightings 11 March

Mallards behind Tip field

A one hour walk on Saturday 7.25-8.25am noted the attached bird list on BirdTrack. Good to see my first Chiffchaff of the year on the farm and still only one Skylark. Mallards are constantly using the river at the bottom of Tip field. Also dog walkers 26, runners 3, walkers 2. Mike Ayling

Sightings 4 March

Buzzard at L Horsham Hill

A one hour walk today 7.20-8.20am noted the attached list.  Still 1 skylark but a good total of 26 species including three groups of bullfinches. See photo of a buzzard sitting on top of the hedge adjacent Little Horsham Hill. Also 24 dog walkers and 3 walkers. Mike Ayling 

Sightings 25 February
A one hour walk today 7.20am-8.20am noted the attached bird list. Nice to hear three Great Spotted Woodpeckers ‘drumming’ and a Grey Wagtail ‘prospecting’ along the Tip field river section. Also dog walkers 10, walkers 1, cyclist 1. Mike Ayling

Sightings 18 February 2017
A one hour walk today 7.20am-8.20am noted the attached bird list. Great to hear skylark singing amongst other species. A bit of high level mist around the wetland today …but still no snipe! Snowdrops at the bottom of Tip fields look impressive.  Also dog walkers 17, runners 2. Mike Ayling

Sightings December 2016
Chesworth Farm 4 December 2016 Chesworth Farm 11 December 2016 Chesworth Farm 18 December 2016 Chesworth Farm 24 December 2016

Sightings 19 November 2016
A one hour walk Saturday morning  7.20am-8.20am on a rather chilly (0c) morning noted 18 species on Birdtrack. Also dog walkers, 19. For those who haven’t had the chance to view the new fencing enclosing Wheatrick and New Town Nine Acres fields please see the photo. [The HDC countryside wardens tell us that the Hebridean sheep will be the first grazing visitors, coming over from Warnham LNR this week.] Mike Ayling


Sightings October 2016 by Mike Ayling
Chesworth Farm 2 October 2016 PDF  Chesworth Farm 8 October 2016 PDF  Chesworth Farm 15 October 2016 PDF  Chesworth Farm 22 October 2016 PDF  Chesworth Farm 31 October 2016 PDF

Sightings September 2016 by Mike Ayling
Chesworth Farm 3 September 2016 PDF  Chesworth Farm 10 September 2016 PDF  Chesworth Farm 18 September 2016 PDF

Sightings August 2016 by Mike Ayling

Sightings July 2016 recorded on BirdTrack by Mike Ayling
   9-july-2016-chesworth-farm-pdf   16-july-2016-chesworth-farm

Sightings 25 June 2016 BirdTrack

Sightings 18 June 2016
A one hour walk today 7.20-8.20am noted the attached birds on BirdTrack. Nice to see a Yellowhammer (first for this year on Chesworth Farm) and lots of family parties. Another appearance by the Kingfisher was a welcome sight and more butterflies than I have ever seen at 8am on the farm – well it was 18c. Nice to see a Wood pigeon carrying nesting material (finally an excuse for a photo!). Also dog walkers 15, runners 2, walkers 3. Mike Ayling

Wood pigeon nest-making

Wood pigeon nest-making

As some of you may remember from my AGM presentation, today is the day of my last Wetlands photographic survey which I have undertaken every two weeks for the last three years. Do get in touch if you would like to know more. Mike Ayling

Sightings 4 June 2016
A one hour walk today noted the attached birds. BirdTrack Nice to see Swifts over little Horsham Hill and lots of fledglings around. Goldfinch feeding at rear of Volunteers Centre (see picture). Also dog walkers 26, runners 1 and cyclists 1. Mike Ayling goldfinch-at-rear-of-vc-4-june-2016ma

Sightings 28 May 2016
 A one hour walk today noted a slight dip in the number of species. BirdTrack This is primarily due to most birds nesting now and the increase in foliage making birding by slight more difficult. Some fledglings are beginning to appear (see picture of a Robin). One Skylark still over Gravel Pit field and the peacock can still be heard but seems to have relocated to the Kerves Lane area. Also dog walkers 11, cyclists 1, runners 3. Mike Aylin

21 May 2016 BirdTrack 14 May 2016 BirdTrack

Sightings 8 May 2016
I recorded 32 species on BirdTrack today (one less than our Evening Bird Chorus event last week). Good to see and hear at least two Reed Warblers on Pond Plat. The most amazing for me was hearing and then seeing a cuckoo flying across Little and Great Horsham Hill – fantastic views but I was too excited to take a photo so I have attached one of a very elusive Reed Warbler. Also dog walkers 17, runners 1, cyclists 1. Mike Ayling

Reed Warbler on Pond Plat by Mike Ayling

Reed Warbler on Pond Plat

Sightings 30 April 2016
A one hour walk recorded the following birds BirdTrack. Mike Ayling


Sightings 23 April 2016
A one hour walk today 7.30am-8.30am noted the attached  BirdTrack. Nice to see Whitethroats setting up territories and my first Swallow of the year over the wetlands (thanks David Tombling). Plus dog walkers 20, walkers 2. Mike Ayling

Sightings 17 April 2016
A one hour walk noted the attached BirdTrack sightings. Nice to see three Skylarks in Wheat Rick and new migrants for the year in the shape of Whitethroat and Willow Warbler. Just waiting for the return of the Reed Warblers to complete the set. Dog walkers 8, walkers 1, runners 2. Mike Ayling

Sightings 10 April 2016
A one hour walk today 7.20-8.20am noted the attached BirdTrack list. First Blackcap of the year singing near the Queensway entrance and a rather obliging Chiffchaff singing on the ground while picking its way along the margin of Platt Pond. Also dog walkers 12, walkers 1, runners 7. Mike Ayling

Sightings 2 April 2016
 A one hour walk today  7.20am-8.20am noted the attached BirdTrack. Perhaps the most surprising was 2  Kingfishers flying along the river (Tipfields) together. Other pairs of note include Jay, Bulfinch (couldn’t quite get the angle on the photo) and Grey Wagtail. Plus dog walkers 9, cyclist 1.
Mike Ayling



Sightings 27 March 2016
A one hour walk today 7.30-8.30am noted these birds BirdTrack. Good to see a return of the African migrants with good Chiffchaff numbers and two Skylarks singing. Most surprising for me was, not a rare bird, but not often reported on the farm – a Collared dove. After all the rain, the weir was in full flow. Also dog walkers 8, walkers 1. Mike Ayling

Stock dove 19 March 2016_MA

Stock dove

Sightings 19 March 2016
A one hour walk today 7.20-8.20am noted the attached birds BirdTrack. The highlight being at least 24 Redwing in Tip Fields busy chattering away. Since the grazing has been undertaken it really has improved things for birds especially. There was a Stock dove sitting outside the nearby owl box again so it looks like a nesting attempt will be possible.  There was also dog walkers 21, cyclist 1 and runner 1. Mike Ayling

Sightings 12 March 2016
A one hour walk this morning from 7.20-8.20am in very misty conditions noted 23 species BirdTrack. One species was a first for 2016…….a Treecreeper. Not rare but unusual on my route around the farm.  Plus dog walkers 15 and walkers 2. Mike Ayling

Sightings 5 March 2016
 A slow start this morning gave a final total of 27 bird species which was a little surprising. The pick of the bunch were two pairs of Bulfinch and now a pair of Grey Wagtail in the wetlands which is great news. They just need to go a little further downstream and they will find the nest box which is meant for them. More details via BirdTrack 5 March 2016 PDF. People-wise there were: dog walkers 25, cyclists 1, runners 1.  Mike Ayling

Sightings 27 February 2016
A one hour walk today noted many Redwing busy chattering away which means they will probably be off north soon. Recorded 28 species today BirdTrack 27 February 2016 PDF with Carrion Crow nest building, Stock Dove prospecting and Blue Tits already in a number of boxes (see picture). Best of all was a male Grey Wagtail in the wetland area quite near to the ‘Wagtail’ nest box… fingers crossed. Also recorded: dog walkers 18, runners 2, cyclists 1. Mike Ayling

Blue Tit nesting 27_02_16MA

Sightings 6-20 February 2016 BirdTrack 14 February 2016 PDF    BirdTrack 6 February 2016 PDF   BirdTrack 14 February 2016 PDF     BirdTrack 20 February 2016 PDF Mike Ayling

Sightings January 2016 BirdTrack 3 January 2016 PDF   BirdTrack 9 January 2016 PDF  BirdTrack 16 January 2016 PDF   BirdTrack 23 January 2016 PDF   BirdTrack 30 January 2016 PDF Mike Ayling



Recent views on Chesworth by Steve Knight, James Leggett and David Verrall

Sightings December 2015 BirdTrack  12 December  BirdTrack   20 December BirdTrack   26 December BirdTrack  Mike Ayling

Sightings November 2015 8 November  BirdTrack   14 November BirdTrack   22 November BirdTrack   28 November BirdTrack  Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 25 October 2015
A one hour walk today (7.45am-8.45am) noted: the attached birds on BirdTrack and dog walkers 34, cyclists 2. I also completed my 64th photographic survey of the Wetlands.  Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 17 October 2015
A one hour walk today 7.45am-8.45am noted: dog walkers 20, runners 3 and the attached list BirdTrack. Nice to see the Green Woodpecker in its usual tree. (Record shot attached) also Redwings, Meadow Pipit and large number of Wood pigeons.
Mike Ayling

Green woodpecker in usual tree 17 Oct 2015

Sightings Saturday 10 October 2015
A one hour walk today 7.20am-8.20am noted: dog walkers 9 and the attached birds on BirdTrack. Nice to see a flock of 14 Siskin, the first of the autumn. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 3 October 2015
A one hour walk today 7.45am-8.45am noted the attached birds on BirdTrack.

Migration is now in full swing and I am glad to report a sighting of a female Redstart along the Little Horsham fence line. Countryside warden Jake Everitt verified the sighting and phoned me to say there was a Stonechat there too. I returned to the farm at 5pm and located it. Although feeding mainly along the inside of the fence line it did perch high in the hedge at times. (ID picture featured)

Stonechat in Little Horsham Hill

Stonechat in Little Horsham Hill


My usual people count noted: dog walkers 14, runners 4. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 26 September 2015
A one hour walk this morning noted the attached birds on BirdTrack. My first ever sighting of a Kingfisher in the White Gate Lag area of the Wetlands. Fantastic.

Also 18 dog walkers noted on this rather chilly morning. I think this is the first time I have seen dog walkers only. Mike Ayling

Catch up on earlier BirdTrack sightings records by Mike Ayling:
Chesworth Farm 20 September 2015 PDF
Chesworth Farm 19 September 2015 PM PDF
Chesworth Farm 19 September am
Chesworth Farm September 12 2015 PDF
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Sightings Sunday 16 August 2015 7.30am-8.30am
Quiet on the bird front this morning but not really unusual for this time of year. See BirdTrack  listing. Hopefully some passage waders will visit the Wetland soon!
Plus dog walkers 17, cyclists 3, runners 2. Mike Ayling

Wasp Spiders on Chesworth Farm 13 August 2015

This week volunteers and HDC wardens on a Horsham Green Gym work-party spotted a group of Wasp Spiders on Chesworth Farm.

Now at least 15 individuals have been located in the long, uncut grass in one of the farm’s lesser-used fields – a first for this area of West Sussex.

First recorded in Britain at Rye, East Sussex in 1922 and now colonising many of the grasslands of our south eastern counties, this success story for the spider is probably related to increasingly warm winters and warmer, drier summers.

The species is closely related to the Garden Orb – spiders that you regularly see in those huge webs among your garden plants as autumn approaches. (These are the ones with a pale, almost white, cross on the back of their abdomen.)

The Wasp Spider is, as you would expect, striped yellow and black on its back with two yellow parallel stripes on its underside. Its legs are striped too and, when seen very close, feature coarse black hairs.

Apart from its very distinctive body colouring, the spider’s web has a fascinating zig-zag pattern woven into it. The web itself can be well over 30cm (12”) in diameter, built spanning tall grass stems which are probably thoroughfares for smaller animals. This “catch-net” across an open passageway through the grass then becomes a trap for crickets and grasshoppers – and the occasional butterfly.

Being so large these spiders are quite capable of ensnaring and killing the very common Roesel’s Bush Cricket which itself is as big (if not occasionally bigger) as the spider itself.

When mating, interestingly the male waits and takes his chance when the female has shed her old skin. With her soft, yet-to-harden new outer, her fangs are not strong enough to pierce and kill him, enabling him to live another day…

Sightings Sunday 8 August am
Seen early this morning: dog walkers 13, runners 3 and the attached BirdTrack list. Barn Owl for only the second time this year but it was one of the three fledged juveniles, great. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 1 August 7.20-8.20am
A one hour walk this morning noted the attached bird list and dog walkers 12 and cyclist 1. BirdTrack. Mike Ayling

Remembering our first (wet) Open Day, towards the end of July, Andrew Holloway took some fabulous pictures. See them here


Ruddy darter dragonfly on the boardwalk 25 July 2015: Dave Verrall

Ruddy darter dragonfly on the boardwalk 25 July 2015, by David Verrall

Sightings Saturday 25 July 7.45-8.45am
Slightly tricky conditions: 50% cloud, slight breeze and 14C, when 21 species noted on BirdTrack.  There were also dog walkers 13, walkers 4, cyclists 1 and runners 3. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 11 July 2015 7.35-8.35am
Twenty-five bird species recorded on BirdTrack plus  dog walkers 22 and cyclists, 3. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 4 July  7.35-8.35am
Birds recorded on the BirdTrack listing plus  dog walkers 16, runners 2 and walkers 4. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 20 June 6.30-7.30am
Birds recorded on an early morning survey  are on the BirdTrack listing. Also noted: dog walkers 11, runners 1 and walkers 1 . Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 6 June 7.50am-8.50am

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

A one-hour walk today noted the usual selection of birds (see detailed list on BirdTrack here). Good to hear and then see the Garden Warbler singing from roughly the same position as last week. I also saw a Painted Lady in the wetland area. My first of the year (see photo). This was also my 56th photographic survey of the wetland area. People-wise I recorded: dog walkers 27, runners 1, walkers 2 and horse riders 2. Mike Ayling
Sightings Sunday 24 May 7.15-8.15am
First garden warbler of the year at Chesworth Farm for me. Singing in a tree along the river in tip fields opposite the barn owl box. There were also dog walkers 10, walkers 2, runner 1. Details on BirdTrack: Chesworth Farm May 24 2015 PDF. Mike Ayling

Pictures of a water rail on the wetland area by Dave Verrall Sunday 22 March 2015


Sightings Saturday 21 March 7.40-8.40am by Mike Ayling
Blackbird 5, Canada goose 3, carrion crow 4, dunnock 4, jackdaw 7, chiffchaff 5, magpie 4, robin 6, woodpigeon 17, blue tit 4, chaffinch 2, goldfinch 2, great tit 3, greylag goose 5, house sparrow 3, long-tailed tit 3, mallard 2, nuthatch 1, herring gull 5, moorhen 1, pied/white wagtail 2, song thrush 3, greenfinch 2, skylark 2, teal 4, wren 2 (plus dog walkers 23, walkers 1, runners 1).

Nice to see the teal looking very at home with potential nesting material in their bills, closely followed by a fox heading their way. Also the skylark displaying over Wheat Rick.

Pictures of chiffchaff and teal by Dave Verrall Sunday 15 March 2015

Sightings Saturday 14 March 7.50-8.50am
Blackbird 3, carrion crow 2, dunnock 1, great spotted woodpecker 2,  jackdaw 2, magpie 6, robin 5, woodpigeon 34, blue tit 9, chaffinch 3, goldfinch 2, great tit 5, herring gull 5, song thrush 1, wren 3, bullfinch 1, house sparrow 2, skylark 1, starling 1, buzzard 1, great crest 1, yellowhammer 1, (plus dog walkers 26, cyclists 2, runners 1, walkers-birdwatchers 5). Mike Ayling

Tim Thomas 9 March 2015


Geese over Jenny Bare Legs

Low flying Canada geese circle Jenny Bare Legs



Photos by Tim Thomas 25 February 2015


Photos by Dave Verrall  22 February 2015

Sightings Sunday 22 February 7.30-8.30am
Blackbird 8, carrion crow 2, dunnock 3, great spotted woodpecker 2, grey heron 1, jackdaw 3, magpie 5, robin 9, woodpigeon 23, blue tit 10, chaffinch 6, goldfinch 4, great tit 5, herring gull 7, kestrel 2, moorhen 1, song thrush 5, wren 2. (plus dog walkers 18, runners 1). Mike Ayling


Sightings Saturday 14 February 7.15-8.15am (and 50th wetlands survey)
Blackbird 8, blue tit 7, carrion crow 3, chaffinch 4, dunnock 3, goldfinch 14, great spotted woodpecker 1, great tit 4, house sparrow 2, herring gull 5, jackdaw 2, magpie 8, mallard 4, moorhen 4, redwing 1, robin 7, teal 3, wren 1, goldcrest 1, song thrush 10, woodpigeon 16 (plus dog walkers 16). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 1 February 2015 7.35am-8.35am
Black-headed gull 5, blue tit 11, chaffinch 7, goldfinch 22, great tit 3, jackdaw 5, lesser black-backed gull 1, mallard 4, redwing 57 (in Back Field), song thrush 7, blackbird 11, carrion crow 4, dunnock 4, great spotted woodpecker 2, herring gull 8, kestrel 1, magpie 6, moorhen 2, robin 8, woodpigeon 16 (plus dog walkers 12, runners 1). Mike Ayling

Extra: little egret (1 or sometimes 2) spotted up and down the streams feeding into the Arun in and around Chesworth over the past week or so. Steve Benson and Tim & Laura Thomas

A lone swallow spotted hawking across the wetland mid-morning, Wednesday 26 November 2014. Tim Thomas

Sightings Saturday 22 November 2014  7.20am-8.20am in occasional light rain
Robin 6, blackbird 8, dunnock 1, wood pigeon 15, wren 2, goldfinch flock of 21, song thrush 3, great tit 1, blue tit 1, jackdaw 5, great spotted woodpecker 2, kestrel 1, chaffinch 2, magpie 4, redwing 1, carrion crow 3. moorhen 2, little egret 1 over (a first on the farm for me), herring gull 3 over. (Plus dog walkers 16). Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 1 November (over an hour)
Carrion crow 3, magpie 5, robin 7, wood pigeon 12 plus 35 over (47), blackbird 7, dunnock 2, herring gull 14 over, great spotted woodpecker 1, goldfinch 5, great tit 2, chaffinch 2, blue tit 3, jackdaw 5, fieldfare 4, goldcrest 1, siskin 34, redwing 2, wren 2. (Plus dog walkers 28, runners 2, walkers 2.) Mike Ayling

Fungi report by Tim Thomas Monday 3 November: “I had a short recce for our Saturday fruit and fungi foray with our enthusiast, Jonathan Simons, this evening and I found it quite fascinating. In just under three-quarters of an hour we found somewhere in the region of 25 or so species. Parachutes, parasols, candlesnuffs, oysters, caps and bonnets and soft red spreading types that live on cow pats! They are all there – some stand out like sore thumbs and can be seen from a distance. Others lurk in the undergrowth and need a keen pair of eyes to spot. All great fun and once you start looking there’s even more to find.”  You can find them too this coming Saturday morning, for details and how to book  go to Fruit and Fungi Foray 



Mute swan – this year’s juvenile

Juvenile mute swan photographed by Dave Verrall at the wetland area, Sunday 12 October.

Sightings Sunday 6 October 7.55am-8.55am
Blackbird 4, blue tit 4, robin 6, chaffinch 2, wood pigeon 14, wren 2, jackdaw 3, cormorant 1 over, goldfinch 4, blackcap 1, long tailed tit 6, great spotted woodpecker 1, magpie 3, great tit 2, carrion crow 1 over (plus dog walkers 18, cyclists 3, runners 1). Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 27 September 7.05am-8.05am
Robin 7, blue tit 7, blackbird 5, wood pigeon 14, wren 2, great spotted woodpecker 1, jackdaw 5, pheasant 1, linnet 6, chiffchaff 3, moorhen 2, green woodpecker 1, willow warbler 1, blackcap 2, great tit 2, dunnock 1, grey wagtail 1, magpie 4, kestrel 1, jay 3, bulfinch 1, herring gull 5 over (plus dog walkers 24, runners 2, walkers 5). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 14 September 7.55am-8.55amKestrel close up Sunday 14
Wood pigeon 9, robin 3, bulfinch 1, great tit 2, wren 2, blue tit 9, kestrel 2 (one pictured), house sparrow 3, magpie 6, jackdaw 3, great spotted woodpecker 1, swallow 3, carrion crow 1, jay 1, herring gull 16 over (plus dog walkers 36, runners 4, walkers 2). Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 23 August 7.25am-8.25am
Blue tit 10, robin 6 (2 juv), wren 2, chiffchaff 3, wood pigeon 7, great tit 2, goldfinch 6, whitethroat 3, greenfinch 1, blackcap 2, green woodpecker 1, greater spotted woodpecker 1, swallow 1, chaffinch 3, herring gull (8 over), sparrowhawk 1 (chasing goldfinch), blackbird 2, magpie 2 (plus dog walkers 22, cyclists 2, runners 1). Also completed wetland survey number 33 today. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 16 August  7.40-8.40am
Wren 2, wood pigeon 6, jackdaw 5, great tit 4, herring gull 8 (over), mallard 2 (over), magpie 3, heron 3 (over), chaffinch 3, robin 4, blackbird 4, dunnock 2, goldfinch 6, green woodpecker 1, chiffchaff 2, blue tit 4, great spotted woodpecker 1, whitethroat 3, pied wagtail 1, (plus dog walkers 11, cyclists 1, walkers 2, runners 1). Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 9 August 7.15-8.15am
Blackbird 3, great tit 2, blue tit 4, robin 4, goldfinch 5, chiffchaff 1, willow warbler 2, greenfinch 1, bulfinch 2, carrion crow 2, jackdaw 3, wood pigeon 7, yellowhammer 1, linnet 1, whitethroat 2, rabbit 1 (plus dog walkers 12, runners 2). I also completed my 31st survey of White Gate Lag and Riverside Field. Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 2 August  7.45-8.45am
Robin 4, blackbird 7, bulfinch 1, wren 2, blue tit 8, great spotted woodpecker 2 (1 juv), whitethroat 4 (2 juv), jackdaw 3, great tit 2, magpie 5, wood pigeon 6, goldfinch 2, chaffinch 1, kestrel 1, linnet 5 (at last!), herring gull 3 over, carrion crow 1 (plus dog walkers 30, walkers 1) Mike Ayling

Early bird Jeff Blanks reports kingfishers along the river behind Tip Field though you have to be out around 6am…

Sightings Saturday 26 July 7.40-8.40am
Blue tit 3, wood pigeon 7, robin 2, blackbird 5, carrion crow 1, house sparrow 5, wren 1, goldfinch 6, whitethroat 1, great spotted woodpecker 1, willow warbler 1, magpie 3, roe deer, 1 (plus dog walkers 20, cyclists 2). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 13 July 7.50am-8.50am
Whitethroat 1, chiffchaff 1, blackbird 4, wood pigeon 13, song thrush 2, chaffinch 8,  goldcrest 1, wren 3, great tit 1, goldfinch 5, robin 2, sparrowhawk 1, house sparrow 3, reed warbler 2, greenfinch 2, greater spotted woodpecker 1, dunnock 1, carrion crow 1, magpie 4, jackdaw 3, yellowhammer 1 (plus dog walkers 29, cyclists 1, runners 1). Mike Ayling

 Sightings Sunday 6 July 7.50-8.50am
Song thrush 4, wren 3 + 1 juv, house sparrow 3, whitethroat 3, robin 3 + 1 juv, blackbird 4, wood pigeon 9, chiffchaff 5, goldfinch 2, blackcap 1, jackdaw 3, carrion crow 3, skylark 1, great spotted woodpecker 1, herring gull 3 over, greenfinch 1, chaffinch 1, magpie 1, green woodpecker 1 (plus dog walkers 20, runners 2, walkers 1). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 29 June 8.00-9.00am
Blackbird 4, greenfinch 2, song thrush 5, blue tit 4, chiffchaff 6, wren 2, robin 1, wood pigeon 8, greater spotted woodpecker 1, blackcap 1, whitethroat 3, swift 1, jackdaw 3, great tit 3, house sparrow 3, carrion crow 2, skylark 1, herring gull 3 over, magpie 3, willow warbler 1, buzzard 1 over, (plus dog walkers 12, cyclists 2). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 15 June 7.55am-8.55am
Wood pigeon 6, chaffinch 3, wren 4, whitethroat 2, great spotted woodpecker 1, greenfinch 1, magpie 8, blue tit 4, blackbird 4, herring gull (4 over), blackcap 5, chiffchaff 4, song thrush 3, robin 2, goldfinch 2, long tailed tit 1, skylark 2, carrion crow 1, willow warbler 1, house sparrow 4, swift 1, great tit 2 (plus dog walkers 22, runners 3).  Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 8 June 10.15-11.15am  
Wren 6, blackbird 7, magpie 5, whitethroat 1, great spotted woodpecker 1, moorhen 1, chaffinch 3, wood pigeon 6, yellowhammer 1, goldfinch 6, house sparrow 5, greenfinch 1, song thrush 2, great tit 2, blackcap 2, carrion crow 1, kestrel 1, willow warbler 1, blue tit 3, dunnock 1, jackdaw 3. (Plus dog walkers 28, runners 2, cyclists 2, walkers 13). Mike Ayling

Nice to see a male broad bodied chaser and some orchids.  

june 14_2

Common spotted orchid

Male broad bodied chaser dragonfly







Sightings Saturday May 31 8.05-9.05am
Blackbird 4, wren 5, house sparrow 4, chiffchaff 4, magpie 3, lesser whitethroat 1, song thrush 3, blue tit 5, wood pigeon 9, blackcap 6, whitethroat 3, pheasant 1, robin 3, starling 3, greenfinch 3, goldfinch 3, reed warbler 1, great tit 2, jackdaw 3, carrion crow 3, skylark 1, willow warbler 1, yellowhammer 1. (Plus dog walkers 15, cyclists 3, runners 2.) Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 25 May 8.05am-9.05am
Blackcap 4, magpie 4, wren 4, wood pigeon 7, whitethroat 2, chiffchaff 4, chaffinch 4, song thrush 5, blackbird 5, great spotted woodpecker 1, Canada geese 6 over, goldfinch 3, reed warbler 2 (maybe 3), jackdaw 5, moorhen 4 (3 young), skylark 3, great tit 2, blue tit 8, starlings 14, swallow 1, carrion crow 1, willow warbler 1, greenfinch 2, swift 14, house sparrow 3 (plus dog walkers 17, cyclists 3, runners 2).
Mike Ayling

Sightings  Saturday 17 May 7.10am-8.10am
Blackbird 8, wood pigeon 8, wren 4, magpie 4, robin 4, chaffinch 6, song thrush 3, mandarin duck 2 (1 male and female, potential breeding pair). Is this a new breeding species for the farm? Jackdaw 4, whitethroat 3, chiffchaff 6, lesser whitethroat 1, blue tit 7, reed warbler 1, greenfinch 1, house sparrow 4, blackcap 3, willow warbler 2, herring gull 1 over, yellowhammer 1, carrion crow 1, skylark 2, goldfinch 1, dunnock 2, bulfinch 2, great tit 2 (plus dog walkers 15, runners 1). Mike AylingBlackthorn in blossom, spring 2014

Sightings 11 May 8.30-9.30am
Wood pigeon 6 (1 over), magpie 3, blackbird 3, great tit 2, whitethroat 4, wren 5, herring gull 18 over, chaffinch 4, chiffchaff 3, bulfinch 1, greenfinch 2, blue tit 5, goldfinch 2, willow warbler 2, house sparrow 2, song thrush 3, jackdaw 5, blackcap 3, moorhen 1, garden warbler 1, lesser whitethroat 1, reed warbler 1, carrion crow 2, great spotted woodpecker 1, starling 2, black headed gull 1 over, nightingale 1 (plus dog walkers 26, runners 1). After a little damp dawn chorus a fantastic mix of birds today with the nightingale being a first for the farm for me. I returned again at 4.30pm to hear it sing again. Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 6 April  8.15am-9.15am (mostly rain)
Blackbird 6, song thrush 6, greenfinch 2, robin 3, wren 3, wood pigeon 5, great tit 4, dunnock 2, blue tit 3, house sparrow 3, goldfinch 1, carrion crow 3, chaffinch 2, blackcap 2, jay 1, skylark 1, magpie 3, chiffchaff 6, mallard 4 over, great spotted woodpecker 1, jackdaw 2 (dog walkers 16, runners 2). Mike Ayling 

Grape hyacinth, Spring 2014

Grape hyacinth, Spring 2014

Tim Thomas describes the farm's early spring flowers April 2014

Nearly 20 people joined our Spring Flowers Walk on the farm, led by Tim Thomas, March 2014

Sightings Saturday 29 March 8.10am-9.10am
Wren 3, blackbird 5, house sparrow 3, blue tit 5, wood pigeon 10, chaffinch 3, chiffchaff 5, skylark 3, greenfinch 4, song thrush 7, bullfinch 2, robin 3, magpie 4, jackdaw 2, herring gull 15 over, black headed gull 8 over, goldfinch 1, great tit 5, dunnock 2, carrion crow 2 (plus dog walkers 21, runners 5, cyclists 1). Mike Ayling


Sightings Saturday 22 March 7.35am-8.35am
Wood pigeon 17, song thrush 8, wren 2, blackbird 9, chiffchaff 4, great tit 4, stock dove 1, blackcap 1, pheasant 1, chaffinch 4, dunnock 3, house sparrow 3, robin 5, goldfinch 2, carrion crow 2, skylark 3, great spotted woodpecker 1, magpie 5, blue tit 7, fieldfare 1 (plus dog walkers 21, cyclists 1, runners 1). Mike Ayling


Sightings Sunday 16 March 7.50am-8.50am
Wood pigeon 23, Canada geese 2 over, wren 5, blackbird 7, green woodpecker 1, song thrush 5, blue tit 4, pheasant 1, great spotted woodpecker 1, robin 5, magpie 6, carrion crow 3, great tit 3, goldfinch 5, bulfinch 4 (2 pairs), chaffinch 4, chiffchaff  2, jackdaw 4, skylark 2, redwing 1, reed bunting 1, greenfinch 1 (plus dog walkers 27, cyclists 2, runners 1).  Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 9 March 8.10am-9.10am
Magpie 7, blue tit 6, wood pigeon 11, song thrush 4, wren 4, dunnock 4, goldfinch 4, bulfinch 1, green woodpecker 1, robin 5, great tit 3, greater spotted woodpecker 1, jackdaw 3, herring gull 9 over, chaffinch 3, blackbird 8, house sparrow 10, skylark 3 (plus dog walkers 25, cyclists 3, runners 2, walkers 2, horseriders 1). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 2 March 8.15am-9.15am
Goldfinch 2, carrion crow 2, wren 2, magpie 3, song thrush 6, great tit 2, blue tit 5, blackbird 6, tufted duck 3 over, wood pigeon 18, robin 6, redwing 7, bulfinch 2, greenfinch 1, house sparrow 3, jackdaw 4, long tailed tit 2, skylark 1, dunnock 2, starling 2. (plus dog walkers 19, cyclists 4) Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 22 February
Wood pigeons 19, magpie 7, blackbird 8, carrion crow 3, song thrush 9. robin 14. great spotted woodpecker  2 ( pair), great tit 3, jackdaw 2, bulfinch 2 (pair), redwing 7, grey heron 1 over, wren 5, siskin 5, dunnock 6, blue tit 2, Canada geese 2 over, goldfinch 4, herring gull 15 (14 over), greenfinch 1, chaffinch 1. (Plus dog walkers 12, runners 1) Mike Ayling.

Plus mallard, black-headed gull, lesser black-backed gull (on ground), green woodpecker, jay, coal tit, nuthatch, fieldfare, mistle thrush (singing), house sparrow, yellowhammer (singing). Tim Thomas

Sightings Saturday 15 February

Hawthorn tree opp Chesworth House drive uprooted, Feb 15

Hawthorn tree opp Chesworth House drive uprooted, Feb 15

Wren 2, magpie 9, wood pigeon 8, herring gull 12 (8 over), blackbird 11, black headed gull 36, redwing 18, song thrush 8, yellowhammer (superb male), bullfinch 4 (2 male, 2 female feeding together), robin 5, dunnock 3, jackdaw 8, blue tit 7, chaffinch 2, carrion crow 3, great tit 3, grey heron 1, mallard 3 over, starling 8. (Plus dog walkers 9). Mike Ayling

Sightings Sunday 9 February
Wren 1, woodpigeon 7 (4 over), dunnock 2, blackbird 9, blue tit 6, carrion crow 2, redwing 2, jackdaw 8, grey heron 1, skylark 2 (singing), (3 on Saturday), fieldfare 2, song thrush 4, robin 3, chaffinch 2, bulfinch 2, great tit 4, magpie 2, goldfinch 28 (inc charm of 19), herring gull 16 over. (Plus dog walkers 23, walkers 4, runners 1). Mike Ayling

Sightings Saturday 1 February
The third flooding of the winter (by my count) gave spectacular views along the riverside with the section along tipfields  impassable. White Gate Lag was the most flooded I’ve ever seen it (see picture). As I was approaching it, a small wader with bold white wing bars flew from the flooded area. A redshank – fantastic! My first for the site and a possible demonstration of what may happen in the future. Amies Mill was completely underwater and gave a good indication of water flow across the road and through Riverside Field.

White Gate Lag under flood Sat 1 Feb

White Gate Lag under flood Sat 1 Feb

Redshank 1, robin 8, wren 3, wood pigeon 8 (2 over), blue tit 5, herring gull (10 over), carrion crow 3, blackbird 6, dunnock 2, jackdaw 2, goldfinch 4, mallard 2 in White Gate Lag (6 over), long tailed tit 5, great tit 3, chaffinch 2. (Mike Ayling of FCF)

Sightings Saturday 25 January 2014

Wood pigeon 15, song thrush 5, carrion crow 2, herring gull 7 over,  blue tit 4, great tit 5, cormorant 3 over,  robin 4, blackbird 7,  house sparrow 9, goldfinch flock of 20+, fieldfare 5, redwing 5, magpie 6, bulfinch 2, meadow pipit 5, dunnock 1.

 (Mike Ayling of FCF)

Sightings Sunday 12 January 2014

Blackbird 11, song thrush 4, carrion crow 7, magpie 5, wood pigeon 27 (12 over), great tit 5, blue tit 10, herring gull 25 over, goldcrest 1, jackdaw 2, chaffinch 2, green woodpecker 1, house sparrow 5, robin 8, fieldfare 1, dunnock 5.

(Mike Ayling of FCF)

26th May 2013

dingy skipper

dingy skipper

I saw my first dingy skipper of the year today in Jenny Bare Legs (JBL) field. A really lovely specimen and in great condition. A pretty mix of browns and yellows with beautiful markings on the edge of the wings. Those on the forewings have a subtle blue tinge.

The dingy skipper is a priority species listed in the UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), a government sponsored plan to monitor all endangered species of animal and plant in the UK. Its caterpillars probably feed on the bird’s-foot-trefoil that is a fairly common plant in JBL. Tim Thomas

22nd April 2012
Jackie of Kerves Lane reports hearing a cuckoo, thanks for that!

11th April 2012
The Galloways have gone and the farm is quiet again. Quiet, that is, except for the spring bird song and the buzzing of bees.

I have heard reports of up to eight chiff chaffs singing their two-tone song around the farm and the newly arrived blackcaps (middle of last week) and willow warblers backing up the already established blackbirds, song thrushes and yellowhammers. And the blackbirds are already feeding young so look out for them anytime soon.

Pairs of yellowhammers are regulars along the Chesworth path and along the edge of Spring Barn and do listen out for the soft, sweet song of the bullfinch.  Skylark sightings vary from one to three pairs but I’ve no evidence of nesting – yet.

A stock dove put in an appearance today and a kestrel (a female again!) buzzed over Tip Field.

13th February 2012
The extreme winter weather of the last week seems to have reduced the number of fieldfares and redwings to mere handfuls scattered around the farm but increased the number of song thrushes. The weather has, however, brought in a snipe (or maybe more, but reports are of only singles on each occasion during the week). The snipe are almost always seen in White Gate Lag or Riverside Field probing the un-frozen patches of damp meadow; occasionally a dog will flush a bird from its important feeding activity, pushing it across the Arun in an effort to find more easily probed grasses and mud.

The redpolls are regularly attracted to the shrubby growth opposite Platt Pond, occasionally the trees behind the pond and along Occupation Road with numbers often reaching well over 25. Siskins are still regular and mostly seen down by the Arun bridge area. Up to a dozen meadow pipits are about in Hill Fields and, as the snow recedes, in Jenny Bare Legs too. Today (Monday) a skylark showed it was still around by advertising its presence with a stirring song flight over Spring Barn.

The Galloways, incidentally on loan from Surrey Wildlfie Trust, are providing open grass for a range of birds, robins, song thrushes and magpies. The latter look great following their similarly-coloured mammalian giants around turning over the cattle’s faeces for grubs attracted by the additional warmth.

An unusual sight during the height of the freezing conditions was two or three black-headed gulls swooping low over the snow time and again pecking at something.  It was obviously attractive but I can’t think what it could be.

5th February 2012

Belted Galloway in Tip Field

The cows are back! Yes, we’ve got nine (not eight as I tweeted!) lovely belted Galloway bullocks. All are safely enclosed in the Tip Fields and grazing away bringing the grass into shape to hopefully encourage the barn owls back. Tussocky grass provides good habitat for voles and because the hiding places are spread out gives the owls the opportunity to spot their prey running between the grass clumps.

Other wildlife during this period has been the regulars of the thrush family, plus an increase in the meadow pipits to a maximum of 27 on the 17th Jan and over 150 siskins last Tuesday (31st Jan). Interestingly I have heard of a number of redpolls around behind the pond although I see them mostly in the dense birch trees along the Denne Hill slope. I’m still only seeing the female kestrel has anyone seen a male?

The snow this weekend has brought out a lot of people using the Hill Field as a toboggan run and snowman village.

8th January 2012
Although it may have been generally quiet on the farm over Christmas and New Year the birdsong has certainly picked up with around 6 singing male song thrushes in full voice. A mistle thrush has also been singing but towards Denne Hill and not actually on the farm. There is also the occasional blackbird in sub-song – that soft, light part-song that is almost has if the bird is practicing to itself before the debut of its full concert. It’s nice to see too that the greenfinches and goldfinches are still about and remaining in small flocks of up to a dozen or so; I mostly see them around the council yard, in The Warren or drifting through the Orchard. The apples from the orchard piled in the lower Hill Field have proved popular with the redwings and blackbirds with ones and twos often feeding on this welcome feast.

Both wrens and goldcrests have been both seen and heard in and around the dense ivy covered tree stumps, both these species benefitting from the warm weather of late. I regularly see a female kestrel around the farm but no male as yet – has anyone else caught sight of him? Jackdawsare getting louder squabbling over food mostly (they pair for life) and are often encountered in small groups bounding about in the shorter grass tufts.

Fallen oak in Riverside Field

The pond has at last filled up and is now showing a creditable level of water. There was concerns that it had some form of “leak” – hence the lack of any water for most of the end of 2011 – but thankfully that appears to be unfounded.

And finally – it’s over! The single dead oak tree in Riverside Field has last Friday (6th) finally succumbed to the violent winds and is now prone. It’s not really surprising looking at how shallow any remaining root system it had. The hollow left behind is already filled with water, which I’m sure didn’t give it much support. Now it is nearer eye level the different lichens and other primitive plant growth on it can be seen and there seems to be quite a number of different species on it.

18th December
During the last two weeks the farm has generally been pretty quiet. However, good numbers of fieldfares and redwings have been seen feeding on the masses of berries through the hedges and, of course, the song thrushes in fine voice. Regular parties of siskins, up to 60 or so on Thursday 15th, can be seen feeding along the alders edging the Arun. Small flocks of greenfinches and goldfinches are always around, recently in the orchard area. The bullfinches around Pond Platt are still present with two early last week and a nice female today.

Meadow pipits are still being seen and heard around the fields with a party of 24 last Sunday. The skylarks are almost always seen as a two-some chasing around Hill Field mostly. There has also been a couple of cock pheasants that appeared during the middle of the week and I’ve seen them on a few occasions now, including my garden. Talking of which, along with the marvellous sighting of little egret on Friday floating down into the garden and wading along the stream we had a kingfisher yesterday in almost the exact same place. As I noted in my tweet our garden backs onto the farm along its north western edge so I feel that these sightings are relevant here.

And finally, birdwise, a handful of Canada geese and a single cormorant were seen flying over the farm on Thursday 8th.

The stormy weather during the week has brought down some of the remaining sloes off the blackthorn bushes; as a result – as well as my dog – foxes have been feeding on this bounty as can be seen by the high number of pips or stones in the fox poo!

4th December
Although the fieldfares were a good first tick for the winter today the farm has produced one or two nice fungi during this last week. There are a couple of lovely shaggy parasols (see the gallery) near the gate to the riverside walk and some fresh turkey tails on rotting logs near the Arun bridge. The fascinating yellow fieldcap (Bulbitius vitalonus) in Spring Barn and the Hill Field appear and fade very quickly – the early mornings are best to catch them at their yellow-best.

A buzzard was calling from somewhere over the Tip Field on Tuesday morning bringing the range of birds of prey back into line (see below) – but no more strange merlin-like predators.  Siskins are still putting in the odd appearance as are jingling flocks of goldfinches. Its also good to see on a regular basis bullfinches. I first hear that plaintive call followed by one, disappearing white rump, sometimes two, usually around the back of the council buildings in that dense thicket of hawthorn and blackthorn – it’s not surprising to figure out what they’re feeding on!  A small family group of these special birds was along the hedges in Occupation Road on Thursday.

28th November
After a blank period without a bird of prey sighting all changed over this weekend – I have seen both a female kestrel and a beautiful view of a hunting sparrow hawk. The kestrel yesterday was drifting along the edge of the Arun but the spar‘ was really on a hunting mission. Under a powerful flight from Muggeridge Field tipping over the trees and speeding around the top of the allotments showing the broad, rounded hawk’s wings really well and then dropping back down the hill south along the bridleway. Really good views of a skilled hunter.

Lots of redwings about this morning and the odd calling fieldfare (my first farm sighting this winter) and a lot of song thrush song again. Many of the birds are making the most of the berries around the farm including magpies and bullfinches both of which have been seen eating sloes.

A lot of wood pigeons have been moving through with some flocks of between the 50s and 80s in number. This morning a small party of about 30 dropped into the trees on Denne hill.  On the subject of flocks, the large number of mallard on the Chesworth House pond – as many as 42 on one occasion – has dropped leaving only a handful. (Tim)

24th November 2011
A good view of two reed buntings feeding on the seed heads in the overflow pond at the bottom of Parlour Mead this morning was a treat. This area is always a good spot for a range of birds. This morning was no exception with goldfinch, blue and great tit, siskin and redpoll, chaffinch and greenfinch adding to my list. Although I cannot claim it as a sure-fire confirmed ID a very small and fast bird of prey streaked down Horsham Hill over Pond Platt and disappeared through the Warren and out of sight. Its size, speed, shape and what I saw of its colour really only means merlin to me… But I didn’t see it that well enough to claim it as confirmed. Watch out on the farm it may hang around.

On reflection I have not seen many birds of prey on the farm recently, the once regular kestrel seems to have moved on and the buzzards from beyond Denne Hill are also hiding elsewhere. Sparrowhawks are always scarce but often seen during the winter, yet I’ve not heard of any being seen recently either – where are they all?

20th November 2011

Bolbitius vitellinus

A pretty fungus that starts off yellow then quickly turns to a dull brown is now quite common in Spring Barn field is called Bolbitius vitellinus. Look for it on small ageing dung left by the cattle. (See a bigger picture in the gallery)

A kingfisher was heard on the Chesworth House pond this morning along with the 38 mallard ducks that seem to have taken up a permanent residence here.

18th November 2011
During the week I managed to log a total of 32 different species of bird on the farm – not a bad total after all. And I missed simple birds like the kestrel that is seen regularly and mistle thrush as well as the reed buntings that regularly roost in the reeds around Pond Platt. Currently, there are a lot of finches, mainly greenfinches and goldfinches, moving through the hedges on the farm which is always nice. The movements of wood pigeons often goes unrecorded but this week there have been some small groups drifting over the Farm. Some of the bees are still active which goes to show how warm it is right now. And do look out for the range of fungi appearing in the meadows – the warm, damp weather has helped these along. (Tim)

10th November 2011

Clearance at Pond Platt

The phragmites reed and willows  have been cut around Pond Platt opening out the views of the water again. Although, almost inevitably, the water level is low now through the winter it will fill again I’m sure. The pond will be a sight to see next summer. (Tim)

7th November 2011
A slow walk around the farm this morning produced 25 different species of bird in, on, over and around the fields. Highlights today were a party of over 20 meadow pipits in Muggeridge field and Wheat Rick, and two mixed parties of redpolls and siskins both feeding in the alders. (Tim)

3rd November 2011


A number of bullfinches were calling around the farm this morning. With a small family party in the hedge along the western side of Spring Barn.


  1. My wife saw the Barn owl over Kerves lane yestrday too. How does one join this group please??


    • Hi Andy, glad your wife spotten the barn owl too. For some reason I did not get a msg that you had left a comment but sensibly you used the Contact page and I have replied to you from chesworthfarm@hotmail.co.uk. Currently membership is £5 per household per year. We then do our best to keep you up to date with happenings on the farm and invite you to a few special events.


  2. Saw a Barn Owl myself near Kerves Lane……. hopefully a pair will return to the nest box. Ali and I have sent off our £5.00 should be with you by now.


  3. Hi Andy, great the owls are staying. Thanks very much for your membership. I will be writing back to you asap.


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  5. I’ll admit I felt envious when looking at your photography in this post! You captured each subject so clearly. Also, you are lucky to see so many awesome creatures. I’ll be visiting back soon!


  6. I really love all the photos of the animals! I really love animals!


    • Pleased to hear that, thank you! There are more pictures on our Flickr feed too.

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