Posted by: lhct | August 13, 2015

“Happiest dog on Chesworth Farm 2015” competition results

We can now announce the winner in our  “Happiest Dog on Chesworth Farm 2015”  photo competition.  We asked Andrew Forsyth, our guest wildlife photographer, to judge your photos for us and he chose the winner and some highly commended ones too. His comments appear in quotes below with each of his selected photographs.

A huge thank you to Andrew Forsyth for his time and expertise at Open Day and for judging our competition. And many thanks to all the owners for taking part and sending in such lovely pictures of their enthusiastic dogs. We have so enjoyed picking our own favourites. See you again next year!

Winner Sadie (5)

Winner Sadie (5)


“It’s well shot, paying good attention to the light and meeting the two basic criteria (happy dog in Chesworth). It’s cropped too tight (you need to see more on the right of the frame) but that’s not enough to knock it off the top spot.”
Runner up Rex (13)

Runner up Rex (13)

“A good attempt with a strong narrative that is closely linked to Chesworth. The framing is wrong again (the dog needs to be on the left with more of the view being taken in on the right) but it’s a different take on the brief and otherwise technically sound. “
Runner up Rex (19)

Runner up Hugo (19)

“A happy dog indeed, but stretching the brief as this could be shot anywhere. The focus isn’t quite nailed but it’s a difficult one to get right so has merit for the attempt.”
“Also worth mentioning images 2 (Jess) and 18 (Lola and Riley). Image 2 could be the overall winner but it’s just too soft, while 18 is a fun shot with a quirky composition that just lacks a stronger sense of happiness from the dogs.”

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