Posted by: lhct | December 3, 2018

A reminder about dog control from the Horsham Countryside team


  1. Yes its not only cattle the dogs chase. I run on Chesworth farm and I have had many bad experiences with dogs. Some dog owners do not control their dogs and call them off when they attack, and think its ok to allow their dogs to bark aggressively at people and to jump up at them I have also been bitten. Not all dog owners are like this many do keep their dogs under control.


    • Hello Pauline. Glad to hear that many dog owners do keep their dogs under control and enable you to run in relative peace. It is concerning to hear that other dogs and their owners are apparently ignoring your calming and distracting techniques. Hope you were able to report the bite to the appropriate authorities and that you have recovered fully from that bad experience. Hope you feel able to run over Chesworth Farm and also other countryside sites in the district.


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