Posted by: lhct | August 6, 2021

Horsham Green Gym tackle summer tasks

Our friends at Horsham Green Gym (HGG) have again proved they are ready for any wet, muddy and downright awkward task on the farm. Recently it was invasive balsam-pulling and removing aging chicken-wire from the wetland boardwalk.

Team member Matthew Garner reports: “We were pulling up the staples from the boardwalk where it had got a bit dangerous. A never-ending job… It was very sticky and damp this morning and luckily we stopped when we did as it poured down out of nowhere for a good 20 minutes! I was soaked through when I returned home.”

Brilliant work and hopefully worth the drenching. We know Chesworth visitors will appreciate it and join us in thanking you all!

With thanks to members of HGG for the pictures (from top left, clockwise): orange balsam, team at work on boardwalk (Ryan Allison), Luke and Mike “checking out” the observation hide (David Casey), in the wetland (Matthew Garner), wetland nest (David Casey) and orange balsam root (Matthew Garner).

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